The UK Neuroinformatics Node

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This is a network of UK researchers working in the emerging field of neuroinformatics.  Formed in January 2008 as a successor to the UK Neuroinformatics Network, it organises a set of activities to strengthen and develop UK neuroinformatics.

The Node acts as the UK hub of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). This is an international body, currently subscribed to by 18 member countries. It has a programme of activities dealing with neuroinformatics issues that require coordination at an international level, such as: how to share data or models, store data long term, interlink current brain atlases, organise the best training for neuroinformatics.

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Aims and Objectives of the Node

The Node is a forum for the UK neuroinformatics community. The Node provides a channel for discussion, a means for developing neuroinformatics, and for training in neuroinformatics, and a voice to represent the community in discussions with other scientific areas, commercial organisations, funding/governmental and international agencies.

The Node aims are:

  1. To facilitate dialogue and promote awareness including:
  2. To stimulate new work involving neuroinformatics.
  3. To support neuroinformatics education and training.
  4. To play a leading role in UK's strategy in neuroinformatics.
  5. To ensure sustainability of neuroinformatics resources.

Mailing List and Monthly Newsletter

The UK Node has a mailing list for all its members. We use this to keep our members informed of our events and current neuroinformatics news.
If you wish to join it, please click here.   Any member can post to the list.

The UK Node previously sent out newsletters - please click here to view previous newsletters.


Node Funding

The Node was funded until 2013 by MRC, EPSRC and BBSRC.

A new funding proposal (as an MRC Partnership Grant) was submitted at the end of July 2015 - see news item above.