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A proposal to revitalise the UK node, (and to pay the UK fees for INCF, 2016-2020) was submitted to the UK Medical research Council in summer 2015, but was not successful. Nonetheless, we are continuing to work on encouraging and improving Neuroinformatics in the UK.

UK Node activities over the last few years

We have fostered the UK neuroinformatics community through holding community events, and in particular encouraging the development of the Special Interest groups.

In addition we have had two main objectives.

Objective 1: Improved engagement with both academic and industrial UK neuroscience research
- Focussed initiatives for neuroscientists. In conjunction with the SIGs, have scoped out areas of neuroscience which each have a common set of issues concerning the takeup of neuroinformatics by neuroscientists.
- Educating neuroinformatics researchers. We have held several workshops for researchers from a computational background led by experimental neuroscientists.
- Interactions with industry. The dialogue between neuroscience in UK industry and neuroinformatics is currently sparse in coverage. Guided by our new industrial member of the Steering Committee, we have been trying to identify new opportunities for collaborative research, knowledge transfer and training.

Objective 2: Strategic projects.  We identified two specific projects that are of vital importance to the UK community and which serve as a secondary vehicle to deliver on Objective (1).
- Creating a human fMRI database. We had intended to hold a UK workshop to discuss the issue of standardisation of data-sharing within human MRI research for the purpose of meta-analysis. Our proposed activity involving the neuroimaging community would complement the work of the INCF Neuroimaging Data-sharing Task Force, who are concentrating on the technical issues surrounding uploading fMRI data for sharing and pipelining for MRI analysis.
-Making models more accessible through kitemarking. We proposed to investigate the feasibility of introducing kitemarking computational models to a suitable neuroscience journal, or even for providing an independent kitemarking service that could be used by any journal. We will devise possible kitemarking schemes and utilise them on both published and unpublished models and analysis methods. These results will be assessed by the UK community for their applicability to computational papers as well as their value to experimental neuroscientists.


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